Discover the Love of Learning and Belonging

Our beliefs are grounded, our environment well-rounded

The teachers aspire to see each child develop in their abilities. By providing a well-balanced variety of age-appropriate activities, they encourage social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth and development. It is also our goal to see each child grow in confidence, competence, and compassion.

With this emphasis on the whole child, our goal is to nurture a love of learning, a feeling of belonging, and a discovery of God’s love for them.

We offer two different choices for parents for our 3's, 4's and Junior Kindergarten programs:
     * A Co-Op option, which means parents participation in the classroom is required. Parents work in the classroom as Teacher Assistant a week per quarter (a week is defined by the number of days your child is in class in a week). Parents must provide snack for the days they work in the classroom, and may also be responsible for a job assigned to them by thier teacher. 
     * A Non-Co-Op option, which means parents do not have to help in the classroom, but a higher tuition rate is paid. Snack is provided by the preschool.

About our programs...

In our 2s classes a parent/guardian joins their child as we introduce them to colors, shapes and the marvels of music. We also help them develop the social skills that promote positive teacher and peer interactions, ensuring their future success and enjoyment in the classroom setting.  This is a great opportunity to connect with other adults within your same season of life, build community and help prepare your child for the next step of preschool.

In our 3s classes young learners dive into the wondrous world of numbers, shapes and colors while being introduced to the alphabet. Children attend class independently while learning their classroom routines and etiquette while playing, exploring and making new friends.

In our 4s classes we begin to focus on the emerging fine motor and social skills necessary for kindergarten. Your preschooler will spend their days enthralled in letter recognition, counting, sequencing and the art of writing their own name. Fun filled lessons make this new world of learning exciting and full of wonder.

Our 4-year old enrichment program is offered to our families that are enrolled in our 4’s program. In the enrichment program we focus on preparing your four year old for longer school days by including lunch time (family provided), recess and a group activity. This is a 3 day a week program where each day has a different theme: games/science, P.E/Music, and a Bible study. The enrichment program is non co-op only.

Our 5-year-old program is catered to children that are kindergarten age ready who have decided to give them another year of preschool to build up their social and development skills before attending kindergarten. Their days will be busy with writing, pre-reading and math skills, while also stretching their attention spans and independence. 

A little bit of history

New Life Christian Preschool began in the late 1980s when 2 dedicated Moms saw the need for a Christian preschool in Maple Valley. Our school started with one class of 3 and 4-year-old children and throughout the years has grown to 13 classes offered. We offer programs for 2-year-olds through 5-year-olds and a Junior Kindergarten program specifically for 5-year-olds. In 2019 we changed our name to Maple Valley Christian Preschool. While the original name has changed to better align with Maple Valley Church, our programs will continue to offer the same high-quality preschool experience they have for the past 30 years.